My love affair with Georgia O’Keeffe

For many years, people have pointed out that my Flower Mandalas must have been influenced by the flower paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe – which, of course, was not lost on me. But it was not until I traveled to Santa Fe and then north to Abiquiu and nearby Ghost Ranch that I understood how deep that influence was.

I feel more at home and at peace (and at the same time, as the Brits say, gobsmacked) in this painted landscape than anywhere I’ve been on the planet, and I can see why O’Keeffe kept coming back, year after year, until she was finally able to put down a permanent stake there.

Here are a few more of the images I shot on a too-brief journey up Route 84 into Georgia O’Keeffe country after attending the Creativity and Madness conference in Santa Fe.





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4 thoughts on “
My love affair with Georgia O’Keeffe

  1. That road through the mountains, on the way to the monastery, is a vivid memory. How can a dirt road be so beautiful – but it surely is. Next time, all the way…..

  2. I hope to see more of these spectacular scenes, thank you DJB. I have seen other photos of the Southwest, but yours are among the very best.

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